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I have a question more about eating than "healthy" eating, I suppose, but it is heavy on the "diet management" aspect.  Are there foods that you will not eat as an omnivore? 

I've finally taken the time to write down my thinking on this matter.  Please critique if you find flaws in my reasoning.
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My big problem with healthy eating is, lunch and dinner four days a week and lunch on Fridays, my food supply is whatever I can carry to work and heat up in the microwave, and my lunchbox can only hold one meal's worth of refrigerated or frozen food. My other big problem with healthy eating is, I can't eat breakfast until nine or ten in the morning unless I want to see the food again, and five days a week I work starting at nine, which basically means no breakfast unless a coworker's been kind enough to bring in bagels or muffins for everybody.

What magic tricks do you know that I can apply to have a healthier diet?

Hey, all.

Aug. 12th, 2011 10:54 am
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I'm talking over here at my journal about food philosophy; there's a brief mention of food negativity and then the rest is all positive.
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One of my healthy eating goals is to cook more from scratch, using fresh ingredients. But when you are tired/low on spoons, this can be very hard to do. Last night I made ramen with ground beef and frozen peas. I personally try not to eat things like ramen very often because of the sodium/saturated fat content. But eating ramen is certainly better than not eating anything at all. And when I'm low on spoons, saying "I'm just too tired to eat" is tempting. But of course, skipping meals would only make me feel worse.

So, how do you get yourself to prepare food when you're exhausted/spoonless?

My thoughts:

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I know I'm going to have to deal with this a lot during school, so I'd like several coping tactics in my back pocket. What are you guys' suggestions?


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