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My big problem with healthy eating is, lunch and dinner four days a week and lunch on Fridays, my food supply is whatever I can carry to work and heat up in the microwave, and my lunchbox can only hold one meal's worth of refrigerated or frozen food. My other big problem with healthy eating is, I can't eat breakfast until nine or ten in the morning unless I want to see the food again, and five days a week I work starting at nine, which basically means no breakfast unless a coworker's been kind enough to bring in bagels or muffins for everybody.

What magic tricks do you know that I can apply to have a healthier diet?
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I'd like to manage both going to college and eating well (seeing as succeeding at the first is going to be easier if I'm managing the second). I'm also a new-minted aspiring vegan.

In light of that, what sort of supplies should I be stocking the pantry with? I'll have time, but when I prioritize, the top of the list is the only thing I do, so even if "eating" is #3 it's not going to get attended to without deliberate effort. Things that take a minimum of effort to prepare are ideal (as are things that have time between steps; that's dishes-cleaning opportunities).

On the "things I already am accustomed to buying and have stocked already" side of things, I've got canned goods (by which I pretty much mean "various kinds of bean"), bulk dry goods (quinoa, lentils, whole wheat/whole grain flour, rice), and a range of veg/fruit in the fridge and freezer that I'm worried about keeping up with actually buying, but at least is there right now.

What I'm looking for is this: what am I missing? Does anyone have quick, simple recipes that these things can be combined into so that I don't fall back on my usual habit of "boil things together, grab fruit for dessert, eat"?

Thanks, all.


Aug. 11th, 2011 10:16 am
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I make stir fries constantly; they're pretty much my go-to food. And it occurred to me, I could post recipes here.

So, who would be interested in stir fry recipes? How detailed would you like me to make them? (ie if we have some less experienced cooks here, I can make the directions more detailed) How many servings? Because I can give a recipe for making stir fry for 1 person, (enough for 2 meals for 1 person, basically) or I can give a recipe that makes enough for a bunch of people.

For example: one of my favorites at the moment is a miso ginger stir fry.


Aug. 7th, 2011 07:06 pm
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Should I promote the com over at [site community profile] dw_community_promo or not? What do you guys think?


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