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Name:A community of support for healthy eating
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Community description:healthy eating

healthy_eating: a community of support for healthy eating

Many people want to eat more healthily, but making lasting changes to your diet is hard. That's where this com comes in! We're here to provide support, encouragement, healthy recipes, tips and tricks and commiseration. Discuss your healthy eating goals, progress and set backs, ask for advice, and cheer along your fellow community members as we all work towards our healthy eating goals.

Note: "healthy eating" can include just being aware of what you eat. Posts that are food diaries/tracking your eating are allowed and encouraged. Please see rule number 3 though.

Warning: This community includes detailed discussion of food, eating, and diet management. Members may post lists of foods they've eaten, along with amounts. Please be aware if this is triggering for you.

1. What counts as "healthy eating" is different for each person. Everyone will have different goals, whether it's low carb or high carb, low protein or high protein, We're all adults here, we're all capable of doing our own research and consulting a doctor/nutritionist, etc. Each person knows best what their own needs are and what works best for them. No criticism of other members' diets are allowed. Even if you frame it as "I'm concerned that your diet ...", it still counts as criticism. Don't do it.

2. We are here to talk about eating healthily, not weight loss. Please keep all weight loss discussion out of this com.

3. Be considerate of other's potential triggers. Obviously if someone is reading this com, they're here to read about food and eating. But if you are going to list amounts of food you ate, please put it behind a cut and give a warning. If you are going to talk about calorie restriction, put it behind a cut and use a warning. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please use common sense and compassion.

4. Don't give advice unless it is asked for.

5. Because it needs to be said: this com does not constitute medical advise. Please consult your doctor/nutritionist before embarking on a major diet change. Members of the com may be medical professionals, but any advice they may give is given with the understanding that it is general advice and not specific to your individual case, since they have not seen your medical records/talked to your doctor.

6. Finally the most important guideline: this com is supposed to be a positive and supportive place. Please respect that, and help keep the positive energy going!
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